Daily Practices for Lent: Day 3

cropped-photo-3.jpgHave you ever had a song stuck in your head and had no idea how it got there? Only later to realize the friend who is with you is also singing the same song and she says, “ugh! this song was playing in the restaurant where we had dinner and I can’t get it out!” Or have you had a particular lyric from a song in your mind that you would rather not.  Perhaps you can’t get something someone said about you out of your mind, and you play their words over and over and over again.

Sometimes the things people say stay with us for years.

What we hear effects us.

What we listen to changes us.

Well into adulthood I had terrible nightmares. I made a playlist that was on call nightly by my bedside, just incase I woke up to what felt evil. When this would happen I would roll over and simply hit play. I made the play list out of songs that reminded me of what was true. I hit play to remind me of who was in control. I hit play to have Jesus sung over me.

I do the same inwardly. I will have a hard conversation, or do something that feels terrifying or have unkind things said about me and I know where I need to go to hear what is true. I memorized a lot of scripture as a child and these words are often the first I use to run the harsh thoughts or experiences through to see if there is any truth to them. Does the word kill, steal or destroy? Well then it’s not from Jesus (John 10:10) Does the thought love my neighbor or even my enemy? If not, it’s not from Jesus. (Matthew 5:44) Does the word or thought speak hatred over my self? If so, then it’s not from Jesus. (Psalm 139: 14) I am thankful for the words of truth I have hidden in my heart.

What we listen to, changes us, what we engage forms us and what we believe is what we live out of.

Today’s practice is: Listening

Pay attention to your thought patterns. What is your inner dialogue toward self and others? To what or whom do you listen to most throughout your day? To what or whom do you seek out to listen to? What is the source of truth that you go to when you hear something that is damaging or feels potentially false? Notice as you go through this day who it is that you listen to. Jesus says, “Come to me, Listen to what I say, I come to bring life and bring it more abundantly.” How might these invitations be for you as you go throughout your days?

Ask Jesus what he wants you to hear, write down the thoughts that come to mind, don’t filter them or over think them, simply write what comes to mind in answer to the question.

Listen to this song and listen to what Jesus might have to say to you in it: Come to Me

Pray: Father you are truth, thank you for your son Jesus who was the perfect reflection of your truth. Thank you that you desire for me to know your voice and that you desire your truth to take root inside of me. I ask that today you reveal any thought pattern or voice to which I listen that is not based in what is good and beauty and truth. I ask that you would hide your word and your truth in my heart that I might have what is true form me. Amen

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