Daily Practices for Lent:Day 4

IMG_0614-1.JPG A friend and I went to the Clyfford Sill museum in Denver. We walked around the museum looking at a story being told with bold abstract strokes. As we walked through the gallery I noticed I was drawn to certain colors and soon ended up looking for orange. It became a sort of game. I would stand in front of a painting and the first thing I would look for was orange. By the end of our time at the museum, I no longer had to look for orange because it  became the first thing I would see. Even when there was just a tiny speck or line, because my eyes had been watching and searching and looking for orange, it became the natural for me to see orange first.

What we look for, we find.

For a long time when I’d look in a mirror I would only look for imperfection. My eyes became trained and it didn’t take too long before the only thing I’d see was that which was imperfect. There was a season where I looked for good, because good in James chapter 4 is said to come from God. A friend and I would meet to share our lists of good each week. Before too long good was everywhere in my day.

What we look for, we find.

Jeremiah speaks at one point, writing what he has heard from the Lord, “When you look for me you will find me when you look for me with all of your heart.” Even in the darkest day, we are still able to find Jesus. When it feels he is so far off, if we look for him daily, we will eventually find him. What we set our eyes upon, we will find. And what we find forms us.

Today’s practice is: Looking

Take a moment to reflect. Close your eyes and imagine your average day. What is it that you see about yourself? The world? The people around you? What does it reveal about what you are looking for?

Reflect about how what you look for has formed you.

Listen to this song and commit to Jesus being the end of your vision throughout this day. At days end, write all the ways that you were able to see Jesus, his character and his good throughout your waking hours.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Pray: Creator of all I see be the end of my sight. Give me eyes to see you throughout the day. Give me a heart that searches for you and your good in my life. Change my vision that you become what I see in all things, even in the darkness, may my eyes be turned towards the flickers of light. May I be formed by the light of your face.

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