Daily Practices for Lent: Day 7

cropped-photo-3.jpgI woke up this morning with a song in my head. The lyric is taking up so much room that I am unable to think of anything else, thus making it difficult to write. I am going to follow what is on my mind and share the song with you.

Jesus, Jesus,
Holy and anointed One,
Jesus, Jesus,
Risen and exalted One,
Your name is like honey on my lips,
Your Spirit like water to my soul,
Your word is a lamp unto my feet,
Jesus I love You, I love You

The name of Jesus has at different times meant different things to me. His name is great and powerful and wonderful and humble. There is something about his name that evokes light in dark places and brings peace when chaos abounds. Jesus.

What comes to mind when we think about Jesus is important. His name, as Paul writes in Philippians 2 was given by the Lord God and it is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth.

Today’s Practice is: Intention

Take a moment and reflect on the name of Jesus. Write down his name and make a list of all the descriptors of his character. Who is he and what is he like?

What descriptors come to mind as you reflect? Do you feel anything? Write down what you think and feel. Listen to the song below. As you listen write words or phrases that stand out to you, or simply listen to the song to experience its lyric.

Throughout your day set the intention of your mind on the name of Jesus. Play this song, or another about the name of Jesus several times throughout the day. When you have a difficult work or family situation, listen to the song. When you are nervous about a situation, listen to the song or read your list of his character traits. Put his name as the filter through which you experience your day. And when it is time to fall asleep again, when the day is done, listen to the song one more time.

ListenHoly and Anointed One

Pray: Father God, thank you for Jesus. Thank you for his saving grace, healing, presence and hope. Thank you that his name holds power and mystery. Thank you for the gift of Jesus. I ask that today you would allow me to be consumed by his name. Fill every space of my heart and my mind with his name. And I ask Father, that you would allow me to see how his great name goes before me, surrounds me and consumes me in all things and at all times. May I rest in his name and my belief in who he is. Amen

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