Daily Practices for Lent: Day 10

cropped-photo-3.jpgWhen I was in the third grade my teacher had us write and illustrate stories. Each story was written on paper that had lines on the bottom on which to write and the top was a blank space on which we would draw illustrations. I have a folder full of these stories. They are getting tattered now, and the paper feels thin like an old newspaper.. I love to look through them, read them, make fun of my spelling and the wildness of my imagination. They are so precious to me.

I also hold memories and people that are precious. Things and people that when I think of  or when I spend time with them I find myself a little more tender, a little more attentive, a little more gracious, a little more in awe, a little more present.

Things that are precious to us we treasure and handle with care.

We are precious to Jesus.

He, he precious to me and my heart is tender towards him. He loves to speak to me and when I believe that I am precious to him and he holds the same place in my heart I lean in, listen and handle his voice and time with him with care.

Today’s Practice is: Tenderness

Think about what is precious to you. What objects, memories and people is your heart tender towards? What do you handle with tenderness?

Write in your journal a reflection on tenderness. What does it mean that you are precious to Jesus and that He handles you, your life, your heart, your soul… all of you with tenderness. Soak in this.

Next, think about Jesus. How do you evidence that he is precious to you? What does a tender heart towards Jesus look like? In practice today set an alarm on your phone to go off hourly. When the alarm goes off breathe in deeply and breathe out these words, “Jesus you are precious to me, my heart is tender towards you.” At day’s end, examen your heart, what is it tender towards? Thank the Lord again for his tenderness towards you and breathe out the words above.

ListenTis So Sweet

Pray: Jesus thank you for your tenderness towards me. I pray that you would increase in me the ability to receive your love for me. I pray that you would increase the belief that I am precious to you. I pray that you would fill me to the fullest with your love for me and increase in me. I confess that my heart is tender towards many things and that often I do not think of you with tenderness. I ask that you would give me a heart that is tender towards you and all those you created. Amen.

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