Daily Practices for Lent: Day 11

cropped-photo-3.jpgThis morning I have a lack of words. So, instead of forcing a story or words to come, I will write what rests there and encourage you today to bring your whole self to Jesus. Whether with words, with no words, with questions, with prayers, with doubt, with fear, bring yourself to Jesus and receive Him and His love for you there.

Today’s practice is: submission

Submit to Jesus your whole self, where ever you are and whatever you need. Be still with him. Speak to him. Write down your words, your prayers and your thoughts and sit in silence repeating his name over and again. May He fill you and your mind.

This is the song I woke singing this morning: Even Unto Death

Jesus, may you be that which fills my mind.
Jesus, may you be my greatest thought.
Jesus, may you invite me to intimacy with you, even as I sleep.
Jesus, may I receive your love for me and may I increase in my love for others.
Jesus, may your grace be my sustaining power.
Jesus, may your faithfulness guard me and your Spirit fight on my behalf.
Jesus, may your truth bind me and may you, the gospel itself be my peace.


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