Daily Practices for Lent: Day 13

cropped-photo-3.jpgWhen I was young there was a T.V. game show called ‘Name That Tune.’ Contestants would go head to head as they would each declare that they could name a tune within a certain number of notes played. For instance a contestant might say, “I can name that tune in 7 notes.” Then, seven notes of a song would play and they would have the opportunity to name the song. The winner would be the person who was able to acquire the most points for being able to recognize the most songs from the least amount of notes.

I remember thinking that the contestants were so incredible as they had to have memorized thousands of songs, their lyrics and what they sound like, and being able to do this in the least amount of individual notes possible.

Have you ever been around a child when they are first learning to recognize color or the sounds that animals make. The noise is made or the color pointed out and with daily repetition, the parent of the child asks the same questions. “What color is this?” “What does the puppy say?” It is here that the child is learning to recognize sights and sounds.

We have patience for learning about colors and sounds or even memorizing information for tests or even game shows. We study, use and repeat so much so that the thing we memorize, the facts we take in, enhance our life and become things that we know so well that recognition is natural and to not recognize becomes worrisome. When we come to know something so well, it becomes unnatural to forget.

It has been in studying and memorizing the character of Jesus that I, like a 5 year old having learned his colors, am able to point out evidence of his character throughout the day. For, we see what we know.

Today’s Practice is: Name that Trait

Write a list of the names and character traits of Jesus..What does he look like? If you have time, do a fast read through John and read the 10 “I am” statements of Jesus. Write them down. If you have more time, read through a Gospel and write down everything you notice about Jesus, just like a child learning to recognize color, go hunting for qualities that speak to the character of Jesus.

Once you have your list, look for evidence of Jesus throughout your day. And speak it when you can. When you memorize His character and you set your mind on his name or traits, it becomes much easier, even in difficult circumstances to notice Him throughout your day. (The knowledge of Jesus, is not gained simply to hold a fact, but it is to help us know him more intimately and be able to see him more clearly and thus have our days shaped by his presence.)

Listen: Ever Be

Pray: Thank you Lord for your goodness. Give me eyes to see you and recognize you as I go throughout my days. I pray that you would increase in me an awareness of your presence throughout my day. I pray that my heart would be in tune with yours and that you would give me the ability to know that you are always at work around me and that it is your desire that I see and know you in the every day of my life. May I see you and praise you in the good days and may you be so a part of my vision that when all seems to be failing around me I am still able to praise you, because I can see evidence of you every morning. Amen


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