Daily Practice for Lent: Day 18

cropped-photo-3.jpgLast night I had a series of dreams. In the first I got a call about a good friend. I showed up to the house where she was and a group of people had gathered around her. She was crying, I walked over and hugged her. My friend had been diagnosed with cancer and was off to a doctor in another state where she was to meet him and  build a treatment plan. I prayed over her and hugged the family and friends present. We had gathered at a home specifically designed to meet with Jesus. The dream was full of emotion.

The second dream took place at my friend Susan’s home. We had both been with the friend from the dream before and were processing the news, the time in prayer and the situation. She was preparing to leave to go to the mountains and I was staying back. She and I were talking and both hopped in her Uber without really thinking about it. I had grabbed keys and my phone, but they were in my purse and I forgot I had them. As we made our way to the mountains, suddenly we both realized I was somewhere I shouldn’t be. and we asked the driver if he could bring me back to the city with him. The driver wasn’t going back. We arrived at the mountain house and I was left wondering how I’d make it back.

The third dream I was with a friend Liz and her new baby. We were at her home and there was a lot of construction going on. Somehow in all the construction her baby boy was struck and bleeding. We couldn’t figure out if he was a liv or not. We frantically called friends in the medical field but no one was answering. His father didn’t know what had happened and she and I both knew that this news would be too much for him. So we hid the baby until the father had left the room. Once he left, I knelt next to the baby and began to cry and pray in the name of Jesus that the Lord would bring him back to life. Immediately the baby shot up, had color again and was crying. I fell to floor weeping and both the mother and father clung to their baby, weeping for joy.

I woke up with curiosity and another song. Sometimes our imaginations take us to wild places.  Sometimes, life can as well. When I immediately judge a situation or discount it, I may miss out on the good it might have for me, or what it can reveal to me about Jesus or self. It has become a practice of mine to get curious with what I experience through a day, where my thoughts turn to, the words I hear, the people I see, and like last night’s dream set, my dreams too. Our days can lead us to Jesus when we are looking for him.

Today’s practice is: Get curious

Listen to the song below. As you listen, imagine your redeemer. Ask Jesus to show you what you are being redeemed from and what are you being redeemed to. Write down everything you think and see and feel. Get curious about it. What does it mean? What might you be seeing or experiencing?

Ask Jesus what He desires you to know about himself today. Write yourself a letter as though you are Jesus crafting it, in response to the question.

Throughout your day, when something stands out to you, write it down. Maybe it’s a color, a person, a word, an idea. Get curious about it. Ask if there is anything you are to see or know about Jesus or self from it.

Listen: There is a Redeemer

Pray: Lord, today I ask that you give me eyes to see and ears to hear. Allow me to experience you and learn from you, through the metaphor of my day. I ask that you would use all of my interactions, conversations as well as what I see and hear to reveal to me what you desire for me to know about you and my own self today. Bless me with wisdom, insight and grace. I ask that you would bless me to notice where you are at work and may I be willing to submit myself to your love. Amen

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