Daily Practices For Lent: Day 19


I needed to hear this song this morning.

It was a choice. I did not wake up with a song on my heart.

In fact, I chose this song, because I needed to remember and choose to place my gaze on Jesus and that which He means to me.

Today choosing Jesus feels more like a choice than the overflow of my heart. And, I choose Him. I choose His way. I choose for Him to be my gaze over the noise of my mind. I choose His life over the death I can feel inside. I choose Him to be praised and worshiped over self and others. I choose His faithfulness over my ability. I choose His holiness over my humanity. I choose Him as the most precious over the dreams and wishes and hopes of my heart. I choose Him to be My God over any other thing. I choose Jesus.

Some days, loving Jesus, living in Jesus, following Jesus and looking on Jesus are a choice.

Today’s Practice is: Choose Jesus
Take some time to be very quiet. Set a clock for 15 minutes. Close your eyes and say the name of Jesus to yourself.  Sit in complete silence for the entire time. Do not ask anything of Jesus or do any talking. Instead, focus on the name of Jesus or the Cross. When your mind wanders off to other things, simply bring your attention back to Jesus. Sit with Him in silence, quieting your heart and mind and focusing on him

Throughout the day. When you drift to think of other things, or worship other things, simply bring your attention back to Jesus and choose Him again.

Listen: Either before or after you sit in silence, listen to this song: I Call You Faithful

Pray: Father, you are good and faithful and true. I believe you are my good King, Creator and the most Holy One. Thank you for your son Jesus. May you tune my heart to Him. May He be the center of my heart and mind and the most precious thing to me. Release the darkness from my thinking and replace it with the light of your love. I love you. I choose you. Amen.

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