Daily Lent Practice: Day 20

I am in the middle of a few work projects that feel remarkably overwhelming when I think about them for too long or feel the need to control them. In these things, I feel invited to believe in, say yes  and say thank you to Jesus. In doing this, I am believing who is in control and believing He is good. I say yes, in response to Him and say thank you as He continually provides.

Last night as I was driving home I was talking to Jesus. I thanked Him for His provision and care and the evidence that He was taking care of every detail and seemingly impossible thing. I looked ahead and the lights were all green. I made my way home and not once had to stop for a red light. It was such an amazing visual. As I approached each light they would either remain green or turn green upon my arrival. This is, I have come to notice, how Jesus makes a way for us. At times He holds the light for us and other times, just at the seemingly last second he opens a way. It is mine to trust him, say yes to him and say thank you all along the way.

Today’s Practice is: Believe

Do you believe that God is good? Do you believe that Jesus is who He claims to be? Do you believe that this is good news for the world? Do you believe this is good news for you?

Think through the details of your life. Where do you struggle to believe that God will be good and that Jesus will care for your needs or the needs of those you love?

Listen to this song:   Come to Me  As you listen, imagine Jesus is singing it to you. What do you sense? What do you feel? What might Jesus be inviting you into?

Prayer: Father thank you for your goodness. Thank you for your care and love. Thank you for loving me and desiring the very best for me. I pray that you would increase in me an awareness of your care and deepen my trust in you. May I be awake to your presence and may I trust you. Amen

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