Daily Practices for Lent: Day 22

I have breakfast every Thursday with the same group of people. We gather to share a meal, share story and share in the reading of scripture and share life. I have come to love and look forward to this time every week. At times I roll in as if I had just jumped out of bed (which more than likely is a fact) and other times I show up at 6:45 and am ready for the day with the energy of 5 year old on the fist day of school.

One of the breakfast club’s members and I have what we call our weekly meeting. One of us will catch the attention of the other and will say, “I think it’s meeting time,” or something like, “we have an important meeting to get to.” We put down what we are doing and we wrap our arms around each other and hug and sway back and forth as if we’ve not seen one another in a long time. It is our weekly reunion. It is our tradition. And we do not miss it. Thursday’s would be incomplete with out this 10-20 second ritual.

Rituals are important. They give us moments to mark time, seasons and set a focal point for even the smallest amount of time. I have had a tradition with Jesus for many years now. It started when I was really young. Every night before I fall asleep  I say, “Good night Jesus!” snuggle into bed and close my eyes with him as my last intentional thought. I then awake in the morning and begin my day with, “Good morning Jesus, I love you, thanks for loving me.” I then stretch and attempt to pull myself out from under the covers. It’s been a sweet ritual and has set the tone of my nights and days in ways that I’m sure I do not recognize.

Today’s Practice is: Ritual setting

Spend a little time thinking about your relationship with Jesus. Do you have any rituals with him? Take notice of your life and the rituals that exist. How have the rituals, known or just being discovered shaped you?

Ask Jesus, “is there a ritual or practice that you want to start with me?” Write down what comes to mind. Maybe you’ll have a weekly meeting with Jesus. Maybe you’ll begin your days with a set of words or perchance you’ll come up with a noonday ritual of gratitude. Maybe it’s a song that you listen to, to remind you of who you are. Maybe a song that speaks of the promises of Jesus with you. Dream together with Jesus and put the practice or ritual in place and commit to participating in it for the remainder of Lent.

Listen: This song was a ritual in my life for a season. Let the words wash over you as you listen. No Longer Slaves

Pray: Jesus, I love you. I love that you are with me. Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your goodness. Thank you for wanting relationship with me. Thank you for wanting connection with me. I pray that you would draw me closer to your heart and that I would know you in deeply profound ways. I ask that you would reveal to me the places where we are connecting and the traditions we have together. I ask that you would give me sweet reminders of your love for me, your promises for me and my place in you. I pray that you would increase my ability to receive you love for me and that I would overflow in love for you out of the abundance of you in me. Amen

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