Daily Practices for Lent: Day 23

I have recently made a commitment to seek the health of my body. I have long taken care of my heart, soul and mind, but for me, caring for my body, has not been natural. In fact, the very fact that I had a body, was usually completely ignored. While leaning into Jesus, I have made a decision that my body is important to Him. He fashioned me together and it was so very good. He made me a woman. He made my brain to function in a particular way. He gave me a personality. And,He made me with a certain set of bones, teeth, hair, a pair of eyes, and a skin color and wove all of those parts together in a way that was good and wove them together for me to reflect him.

It is easy to ignore parts of our lives that hold difficult aspects of our stories. And for me, my body has a story of it’s own and not all of it has been good.

Choosing to seek whole person health, I can no longer ignore these things and I must submit my body to Jesus. For me, trusting Jesus with my body has been difficult. For others, it is their memories, their mind, their children, perhaps parents or their relationship with their own soul. Perhaps there is a part of your story, as you read this, that you know has kept you from experiencing whole person health by submitting your whole self to Jesus.

Today’s Practice: Submission

Submission is when we choose to place our selves under someone else’s care, wisdom and rule because we trust their love for us. We trust that their love for us will always desire our good, in all things.

We each submit to something. We may submit to a doctor’s voice who tells us a particular way to live. Maybe we submit to a teacher when we are learning a particular skill. Perhaps a mentor, parent, boss or belief.

Submission is an invitation to trust and the voices or ideas we submit to, indicate where we place our trust. Jesus invites us to submit our whole selves to his care, by surrendering our whole selves to him. He asks this of us, because he loves us so much and desires our good. He knows that without Him, we go in destructive ways that may feel good, but in fact may quietly destroy us.


Think for a moment, what do you submit to? (An idea? A book? A class? A certain friend? A doctor? There are a lot of options) Make a list.

Ask Jesus to reveal to you where he is inviting you to submit to him. Journal in response.

Throughout your day today, as you make decisions about how to spend time, money and energy, ask Jesus to be your guide. Submit to him as you go through your day. That might look like a pause before a decision is made or a posture of holding every decision under the rule of Jesus. How does His voice and care lead you? Pay attention to Him and His desire for you as you go.

Listen: I surrender all

Pray: Jesus my life is yours. In the morning, in the waking hours and in the night as I lay to sleep I am yours. In my thinking, in my working, in my hoping, in my dreaming I am yours. In the use of my mind and my hands, in the intentions of my heart and the thoughts of my mind I am yours. I submit my desires both met and unmet. I submit my loneliness, my brokenness, my relationships, my healing all to your care. I submit all of me to you. May you lead me in your love and may I live out of your love to bless all around me. Amen


2 thoughts on “Daily Practices for Lent: Day 23

  1. Cari, this is what I needed to read today. I love the way you talk about our need to submit our bodies to Jesus, yet there is no condemnation for all the times I haven’t done so. No shame or guilt laid. Just a healthy call to submit to Him in this area. Thank you!

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