Daily Practice for Lent: Day 26


Today’s Practice is: Stop

Stop and take a breath

Stop and enjoy

Stop and play

Stop and relax

Stop and connect

Stop and disconnect

Stop and Listen

Stop and Remember

Stop and look up

Stop and think of God’s goodness

Stop your normal rhythm and do something different. Ask Jesus to show you how He might want you to spend your time, rather than rushing, spinning, talking, processing, and scurrying.

Listen: How Great Thou Art Stop and listen…. again

Pray: Jesus help me to stop my every day hustle to remember your goodness, your greatness and wonder. Amen


One thought on “Daily Practice for Lent: Day 26

  1. Hi Cari-

    This is EXACTLY what I did TODAY. 😘 And I said to Steve–I must build this kind of day into my life. I was astounded at the contrast–always on the go! So it felt so good–almost that vacation feeling on our own front porch bench and back deck–reading, listening, marveling at the Spring beauty with our green hills. Just had to share. I tutor on Thursday mornings with Carol Aust. She said you two met a week or so ago in Denver! What a treat for both of you. Blessings, Gail xo

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