Daily Practices for Lent: Day 28

This last week was packed. There was a time when I believed a full schedule would denote my worth. If I had a lot going on, I would obviously be productive and then I would be valuable. Maybe my business would show how talented I was. Perhaps it would reveal how wanted I was. My schedule was used, not to accomplish things, but instead, it became the source of my value as an individual.

Over the last number of years, this part of me has been reoriented. I no longer believe that my schedule reveals anything other than what I value and how well I can say yes or no.

In life, it is easy to hand ourselves over to something to give us some sense of worth. Relationships become transactions which earn or prove value. Bodies become transactions earning and proving our value. Homes, cars, toys, phones or lack there of become the place where value is received. Life then, is a series of transactions where one is constantly looking for his or her worth through ownership, others and occupation.

Jesus invites us into His family, as children of God. Children who are inherently valuable, loved and accepted. He invites us into relationship with His good Father.

Today’s Practice is: Live as a Child

Quiet yourself and ask, Lord, “where do I seek to obtain value? And through what means do I attempt to earn my acceptability?” Write the answers to these things.

What does it mean to you to be a child of God? If you were to live as  a fully loved child, instead of one seeking to earn his or her value, what would change?

Consider these things.

Listen: Good Good Father

Pray: I give you all that I seek to find value in and I exchange it for being yours. I ask that you would increase my ability to receive your love that I might love you, self and other better. Amen

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