Be Kind: 100 ways to show kindness

Kindness: Love with clothes on

Kindness is profound and in these times, kindness is a virtue that seems to be on the decline.  I am making it my mission to make Kindness fashionable again. (Like William Wilberforce wanted to make goodness fashionable again when seeking to abolish slavery in the United Kingdom.)

Listed below are 100 ways to be kind. Add to the list and then share it so we can keep learning more ways to be kind. Practice the list and share a story about when someone was kind to you. May your days be filled with the kindness of others and may you offer kindness to those around you!

  1. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line.
  2. Mow your neighbor’s lawn without being asked.
  3. When someone compliments your jewelry, give it to them.
  4. Smile at people when you walk by them.
  5. Learn the names of the people who serve you in various ways.
  6. Look people in the eye.
  7. Put your phone down when in lines, and engage the people around you.
  8. Write a card to someone that you’re thankful for.
  9. When someone pops into mind, take time to write them and say something you appreciate about them.
  10. Assume the best of people.
  11. Hear someone speak of a need and you know you can meet it… meet it, without them knowing it was you.
  12. Offer to give rides to the airport.
  13. Ask questions of others.
  14. Listen to people when they speak. Really listen, repeat back what they say and let them know you heard them.
  15. Babysit for free.
  16. Offer your guest room regularly.
  17. Someone drops something around you, pick it up and wish them a good day.
  18. Buy someone a small gift for no reason.
  19. See are friend at the same restaurant? Pay for their meal with out telling them you did so.
  20. Give up your seat when on buses or trains.
  21. Invite your neighbors over for a bbq.
  22. Bake things for people and drop them off at their door.
  23. Buy flowers for women you know are single.
  24. Get concert tickets to a really good show and invite a friend to come with, without telling them where you’re going or asking them to pay.
  25. Rake leaves for people.
  26. Shovel others’ walks in the winter.
  27. Serve people who live on the street, by sharing yourself with them, not just your resources.
  28. When someone has lost a pet they loved, show up with flowers or a gift card to buy dinner.
  29. Build margin in your schedule to linger with those around you.
  30. Leave room for conversation and relationship.
  31. Always look cashiers in the eyes, and ask them sincerely about their day.
  32. Be the first to volunteer to bring snacks for the sports teams of your children.
  33. Coach little league.
  34. Smile often.
  35. Offer to wash a friend’s car who is really busy.
  36. Run errands for your friends.
  37. If you know someone single, recognize them on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s day and celebrate them.
  38. Do the dishes when you go to a friend’s house for dinner.
  39. Invite friends to dinner.
  40. Invite strangers to dinner.
  41. Write thank you notes to the businesses your frequent.
  42. Write thank you notes to your mayor, governor, congressman, city council member…. whether you agree with their policies or not, it’s always a good idea to thank one for choosing to serve.
  43. Keep thank you notes with you to write notes to others along the way.
  44. Pay attention! When you see people, really see them, let them know the good you see in them.
  45. Be interested in the content of a conversation, even if you have no interest in the material, because you care about the person sharing it. It is kind to listen to someone else’s interest, story or ideas.
  46. Be patient with people.
  47. Celebrate when someone succeeds around you.
  48. Celebrate when someone else has a victory.
  49. Celebrate when someone gets what you want.
  50. Celebrate when you’d rather be envious.
  51. Lift others up!
  52. Put others in conversation before yourself.
  53. Listen and speak.
  54. Ask questions.
  55. Be quiet when someone has had a rough day.
  56. Be polite.
  57. Put others before yourself.
  58. Give stuff away.
  59. Give time away.
  60. Give space away.
  61. Give energy away.
  62. Forgive people.
  63. Don’t hold grudges.
  64. Assume the very best of others!
  65. Keep your word.
  66. Believe for people when they do not have it in them to believe.
  67. Dog sit.
  68. Water a neighbor’s lawn or pick up their mail, or their paper, when they are out of town.
  69. Take the trash out without being asked.
  70. Over tip.
  71. Over tip, even when the service isn’t great.
  72. Don’t run red lights while driving.
  73. Don’t text and drive.
  74. Doing what your friend wants to do, when you had other ideas in mind.
  75. Be a mentor.
  76. Teach what you know how to do.
  77. Post pictures on social media about the places you love to frequent.
  78. Celebrate people on line!
  79. Bring a little whimsy into the world.
  80. Bake muffins for your office for no reason.
  81. Write thank you notes to your co-workers, simply to recognize all the good they bring to your work place.
  82. Ask someone to tell you their story.
  83. Share.
  84. Change the subject or stop the conversation when people start bad mouthing another person.
  85. Learn from everyone and anyone.
  86. Make a friend with someone not like you in any way.
  87. Pray for the people you see weekly.
  88. Clean up after yourself.
  89. Bring presents for flight attendants. (They are willing to put their life on the line for you. Thank them for that.)
  90. Bake cookies or send food to your local fire house or police station with a thank you note.
  91. Write thank you notes to the teachers in the schools near you.
  92. Volunteer for city committees.
  93. Open doors for people, smile and acknowledge those around you.
  94. Compliment people.
  95. Offer your most honest self.
  96. When a friend has had a bad day, send a meal to their house that night, so they don’t have to worry about cooking.
  97. Tell people you love, you love them.
  98. Use your gifts and work with out grumbling or complaining.
  99. Go second.
  100. Give money away to people and causes you believe in.

What are other things we could add to this list?

2 thoughts on “Be Kind: 100 ways to show kindness

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  2. Hi Carl, your tips are a God send. I work at a facility with the physically and mentally handicapped. I was talking tonight with my coworkers about writing a list for a client who not only steps her boundaries, but is extremely rude, manipulative, and really mean to staff as well as peers. We are all immensely at our limits with her. I thought of making a list of ways she could practice being nicer to everyone and I came across your list. Well I changed it and left a lot of what she can’t do out, because she is in a wheelchair and doesn’t get out on her own, but I believe that if she practices and does this as home work every day we will see a new and more pleasant and loving person

    Thank You
    Nancy Sullenberger

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