Ever ask yourself: How can I make a difference? In light of the situation in our world, here is a list of ideas to get started! (Hopefully the list will inspire more, share how you believe you can make a difference.)

It can feel overwhelming to know how to add good to the story currently unfolding around the world. Here are a few (75 to be exact) ideas for ways to go beyond posting, to actual living to bring light to dark places, and build relationships where division seems to rule. Let’s live new stories and thus change the story being told around us.
1. Be kind
2. Pray for your neighbors, city, state, country, and world
3. Pray for your leaders
4. Join hands with the oppressed
5. Assume the best of people
6. Live generously
7. Get curious when you do not agree with the arrived outcome of someone’s experience. Do not judge… ask questions to know more
8. Love
9. When someone around you is hungry, feed them… if they are thirsty give them something to drink
10. Speak the truth and honor the human
11. Do not assume you know what it was like to live in another’s shoes
12. Sit with the person at work, school or in your house of worship no one wants to sit with
13. Look for ways to go out of your way to offer kindness
14. Where it looks like hatred has won, create something beautiful in its place. Let beauty be louder than hate
15. Build a friendship with a person who comes from a different background than you. Ask questions, learn, understand and stand with them
16. Speak well of people… all people
17. Pray that you will have eyes to see people, every person, as the beautiful, wonderful, creative, story filled, life lived, broken, hurt, purposed, lost, found, and created human being that they are
18. Invite your neighbors for dinner
19. Do things in secret to show love and give generously
20. Be light
21. Speak life rather than cursing
22. When you get angry about the news, respond with loving actions towards strangers: bake cookies for your neighborhood, go to the coffee shop or restaurant that is owned by a person of a different cultural background than you and become a regular, brag about their business on social media, when you walk into stores or drive through neighborhoods pray blessings over the places you go
23. Look people in the eye, smile and greet them
24. Confront your assumptions and fears
25. Pray that God would show you where you have held prejudice, been silent when you could have spoken, or feared someone because they are not like you -Confess and seek forgiveness
26. Offer Grace
27. Use your gift and do your work with great love to add to the restorative work in the world. Do not neglect what you have been given, but use it to do good
29. Write letters to congress, your senators, and the President asking to teach and tell more than one side of the story in schools, at national monuments, in our holidays. Teach perspectives of more than one!
30. Do your own research to learn about various perspectives on historical events.
31. Read Howard Thurman’s book – Jesus and the Disinherited
32. Read Jer Swigart and Jon Huckins’ new book – Mending the Divide
33. Read The Hiding Place
34. Invite a friend who is over the age of 70 to share his/her story and their perspective on current events with you
35. Lead by example
36. Link arms with others and pray for mercy
37. Live your life the way you desire others to live theirs
38. Speak kindly of your enemies
39. Choose a coffee shop in a part of town that has people of a different back ground than you to frequent and make friends their
40. Admit when you’ve been wrong and ask for forgiveness
41. Read the gospels found in the Bible and observe the life of Jesus. Look for the ways that he treated people and seek to live in a similar way.
42. Practice hospitality
43. Persevere with people
44. Read books by authors of different cultural backgrounds
45. Offer help and be willing to receive help from others
46. Form a small group with people from various cultural backgrounds and learn together, form friendships and stand with one another
47. Seek first to love
48. Receive the love of Jesus and allow His great love to fill you so that you no longer need the approval and value given by those around you to be the source of your worth. Live as one who knows his or her value and belovedness
49. Do not live as a victim to the opinions of those around you
50. Smile
51. Rejoice and celebrate with those who are rejoicing and celebrating
52. Mourn alongside those who mourn
53. As far as it is up to you, live at peace with one another
54. Be patient with one another
55. Do not envy
56. Do not be proud, rude or self seeking
57. Do not keep records of wrong
58. Hope with others
59. Believe with others
60. Believe in others
61. Learn to live as one who is loved
62. Post words of blessing over words of hate
63. Give of your time and resources as often as you can
64. Leave your house earlier than necessary so that you do not rush, aren’t in a hurry and are less likely to get angry at fellow drivers and if you see someone in need on your way, you’ll have time to stop
65. Do not give up hope!
66. Live the story you want others to live
67. Treat all people with the same respect that you would desire
68. Practice sabbath
69. Remove influences from your life that spew hatred, revenge, malice, gossip, and darkness
70. Do not watch TV, movies, YouTube videos or listen to music that adds to the evil, darkness and division in the world
71. Forgive
72. Forgive again
73. When tempted to judge a person, culture or event, get curious instead
74. Build unlikely friendships
75. Practice gratitude

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