Dog walkers, writers and delight

Today as I walked home from a coffee shop, that I think will become my writing space away from home, I walked behind a woman. She was singing loudly and swayed her arms like a child who was free, in the middle of another land in her imagination. She walked tall and free and when she was not singing she was speaking to her dog, Thomas.

When she spoke I recognized an accent. She was from North America. I said something about her dog and she spoke, “Oh, you are North American!” I had to think for a moment, then I shook my head as if to say, you crazy woman, of course you are North American. I had to put all the pieces of context together before I could give an answer. Oh Boy! This jet lag situation is real.

We struck up a friendly conversation, when she found out that I was in Altea to write she  perked up and said, “OH! I am a writer too. Let’s get a drink!” We went to a little restaurant near by and she asked what I was writing about. I explained, fumbling my words, wanting to make sure that I present Jesus in a way that she could receive him. I ask, what is it you write about? Without batting an eye she says, “Wildly erotic literature.”

Though a bit funny, the two of us at a table together, I loved that I was at a table with a woman so completely different than me. I started to hunt for the common areas of interest. I asked questions and listened as she spoke of massage, yoga and wanting people to be awake to their whole selves, including their bodies and sexuality.
I found it! A place where we could connect, where I could learn and listen and offer something at the same time.

We spoke of the need for wholeness in our lives and she spoke of shakra and things about which I do not know. I spoke of Jesus and how I learn from Him and when I trust in Him I find my truest identity source. It was in this conversation, with a woman who writes wildly erotic literature, that I was reminded of the fact the Jesus can meet any person, any where, at any time. I was reminded that Jesus comes as the way, the truth and life. He offers us a way of truth that leads to life and it is so good.

As I shared my thoughts on Jesus, she joined in with her beliefs about Him. For well over an hour the two of us shared our stories, our hopes for the world and tiptoed into our desires for life.

As I was writing earlier this evening I felt a nudge, “pay attention to delight.” I saw her delight in life as she walked freely and am so glad I did, for it was her delight that led us to conversation. And, it was in our conversation that I was able to speak of my delight in Jesus. And, as I sit in another restaurant, with another set of strangers around me, I find delight in the thought of living in delight.

I am still jet lagged. I am still uncertain about how I feel about 3 more weeks of this. I am still a bit overwhelmed at the work ahead and the thought of being in my cold house one more night. But, tonight, I feel the delight of Jesus and you know… I think others feel it too.

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