Sensing, the sun and pep-filled steps

I woke up at 7a.m. today. I will take that as a small miracle. I didn’t have to peel out of anything, instead I simply got up, hiked up the stairs in my home and made breakfast. The windows were foggy as the inside temperature was a bit warmer than that of the outside, which I will also choose to view as miraculous. The sky was filled with orange, pink and blue in anticipation of the rising sun.

For breakfast I made, potatoes and eggs with hot tea. I squinted as I sat looking outside to the rising sun and ate my breakfast. I felt the temperature change as the sun rose. Today there was not a cloud in the sky and I felt warm for the first time in the morning.

I collected the trash, gathered my bags for the market and darted out the door. Okay, there was absolutely no darting involved, in fact getting out of my house is a bit of an ordeal. The metal security door is heavy and old and it takes a good yank and hard twist of the key, a loud grunt and a push to open the door.  But once that door was open, I assure you something like darting took place.

Market Day!

I love few things in life as much as I love a good farmer’s market. It is a place where sound, smell, taste, touch and sight collide in one giant cornucopia of delight. I walked up the street and could feel my legs have strength they’ve not in some time. I had a pep in my step and my hair bounced as if I were in a Pantene ProV commercial. I greeted each passer by with a “Buen Dia”, and smiled. Even if I was for me alone, for this moment, I was in the happiest place on earth.

I walked tall, with eyes wide open. The colors of the fruit and vegetables are extraordinary. I am telling you, there is no orange oranger, or egg plant more purple, or broccoli more vibrantly green than at this market. Each vendor greeted me with an “hola guapa” and a willingness to help me learn the names of things I was purchasing in Spanish, as I chose my treasures for the week. My bag now full of the freshest cuisine, was just aching for something beautiful and I of course didn’t want to disappoint, so I bought a few bunches of flowers to fill my home.

I thought of the phrase I wrote yesterday, beauty is like CPR for the soul and I took a deep breath and soaked in the moment. I climbed up a rather steep hill to the backside of my home, then down the stairs to my front door. I opened windows which have been closed since my arrival, put on some french music, cut flowers, did dishes and tidied my space. Ahhh… I feel human.

My posture, along with my walk and the energy I posess communicate a thing or two about how I am feeling.
I feel like this day feels. As I made my way to my seashore cafe, I notice the water. It too was lighter. It shone with radiant sparkles as the sun would hit the waves and they would move to the rhythm of the wind. The sea tells the story of the sun, just as it has in previous days. But on this day, there was nothing clouding the sun. It simply was available to reflect across the entirety of the sea.
Like the sea in days past, I had felt the affect of clouds encroaching on my access to the visible sun. And, like the sea, today I too feel as if my access is no longer colored with clouds, instead I feel the sweet warmth that comes in direct contact with its rays.

Though the sun itself had never disappeared, the sea reflected the clouds that filled the space between. Upon my arrival in this sleepy seaside village I was like a sea reflecting the cloudy skies, drizzly, heavy, a little dark and slightly emo, with only an occasional bust of light peeking through to give respite. And, like the sea, the reflection was only made possible by the existence of Jesus. Were there no sun at all, there would be nothing but darkness. The same is true with Jesus. We may feel the things that cloud life and seem to impede direct contact with him, but never has he, nor will he, leave me and His being, gives me all of the light that guides my days and fills me with life and hope and good.

Today I feel light. I feel connection with Jesus and I feel thankful for the light He brings.

I am thankful for the sun, the light, the dancing waves, the fruit, the vegetation, the flowers, the smiles and the stairs. I am thankful to belong to Jesus, who, like the sun does not leave, but is steady and present, always shining even when the clouds block His view. May you be encouraged today, whether you feel the effects of Jesus’ presence or you feel as though the clouds of life are in the way, remember, Jesus is there, He is with you, He will never leave and when the storm passes, the full effect of His presence will once again be felt with radiance and warmth.

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