Keeping Time and Sabbath resets

I have been struck by how rested I feel. The hurry that accompanied me here has subsided. Perchance the waves took it out to sea? I do not intend on taking it back with me.

I have made the statement a number of times in the past few months that I believe my mind and my soul move at different paces. My mind can move so fast, that I want to hop to the next lesson, before the one just learned has been realized. There is a difference between knowing something and implementing it. It is like someone with an injury. They know conceptually how to use their leg or hand again, but it takes time for the leg or hand to function as it should.

Our souls are the same. They move at a much slower pace than the rest of us. It is as though they are the internal metronome of the ideal human pace, set by its Creator, yet we hurry and hustle and quiet the sound and rhythm of its beat for the sake of accomplishment and perchance because the rhythm is one that keeps us in tune with the totality of our lives rather than a single part. I wonder if we know that the soul will speak truth so we avoid it with busy.

When the soul of the human is out of sink with the pace of the life being lived,  it is like a conductor or metronome keeping time with the orchestra rushing it. The music is hurried and something feels off. It may not be an instantaneous observation, but with in time the conductor, listener and the orchestra itself feel its effects.

It is 1:30 and I am sitting at my little seaside cafe. The sun is shining brightly and the sea which I see when I look up from my screen is moving slowly. The people who walk by the cafe also seem to be moving at a pace slower than the hurry of my American life.

I wonder a bit about the idea of Sabbath. Was this a day created for the soul to catch up? Was Sabbath actually a practice to help people live in sink with themselves and with their Creator? Is Sabbath, when practiced regularly a sort of weekly reorientation?

Yesterday as I reflected on the year ahead and what I desire out of it, I wrote that I wanted to observe Sabbath weekly. I am now beginning to wonder if that is not simply a nice idea, but is a necessity for living a fully engaged and integrated life? Has my inability to keep Sabbath said more about my attraction to noise and hurry and my fear that if I disengage from the work or the world that I would miss out and fall behind?

I do not think my internal metronome has completely reset, but I can feel its tempo and desire to be on beat with it. My prayer is that in my remaining days that I will find myself at tempo with my soul and establish practices that enable me to continue at such a rhythm.

I’d love to learn from you. What are your Sabbath practices? How have you noticed the pace of your life effect your well-being? What are things you do to remember that you are more than a production?

Grateful to be on this journey with each of you. Blessings and reset be yours. (I accidentally typed reset instead of rest and decided that actually is true… I do desire for each of us to reset… and rest)


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