The wonder of it all

There are certain things I have come to count on here. I know that each day I will see the sea and how it reflects the mood of the sky. I know that I will be greeted by Saundra and her friend who host me each day at L’Interdit. I know that I will go up and down at least ten flights of stairs. I will feel dirty from the dust that seems to come off of buildings and walls with the greatest of ease. I will contemplate all I see and wonder what I am going to learn or understand as a result of it, and I will eventually end up realizing that for now, that which I am to glean from this experience is simply found in the experience of it.

My mind and I have a curious friendship. My mind races and is constantly working, drawing metaphor and insight from nearly every moment. I want to know it all, like a child who asks why incessantly. I want to know what, who, where, why, how about it all.

Today while talking with a friend on a balcony overlooking Altea and the sea these are the thoughts that came to me while we chatted, (and thus became part of the conversation)… “Do you ever wonder about the clouds and the fact that there is only so much moisture in the atmosphere but it moves around the earth cycling itself from sky to land?” We then spoke of clouds and second grade science. Soon I say, “Isn’t it amazing that just beyond that water is Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.” We talk about Geography and where things lay on a map and how we love Europe. “OH look at those giant ships! I wonder what they carry? Where are they going? How long can produce last on a ship?” Conversations about carrier ships and their subsequent cargo follow.

We laugh about my train of thought and how at times it can seem as if I am a sponge with all the questions, awaiting to be filled with knowledge. We spoke of people we know who we wish had been there, because surely they would know the answer … then we google.

My mind is a never-ending land of curiosity and I search every experience for meaning, information and connection, at times to the detriment of experiencing the moment.

I do this with Jesus too. It has been both a huge gift, for my mind has guided me to ask questions about Him that have led to deeper knowledge and understanding and at times, my desire to know more facts about Him, has kept me from simply experiencing His good for me. So for today, my writings end with this prayer:

Lord of Heaven and Earth
You who created the land and the sea.
You who created the clouds, rain and patterns there of,
I worship You and am in awe of the wonders of Your hand and thank you for the blessing of it all.
May I have eyes to experience all the good you have for me and be open to receive it as the gift for which it was intended.
Grant me a thankful heart and joyful spirit.
Fill me with wonder and may I live in and out of that wonder daily.
Thank you for it all. Amen

One thought on “The wonder of it all

  1. Cari, I am reading your posts everyday and as Jesus is meeting you in your real inner and outer life, you are stimulating and blessing my journey back in Colorado. Thank you.

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