Daily Prayers

Dear Lord,
Holy is your name. Beautiful is your name. Good is your name. True is your name.
All that I am and all that I have is yours.

I receive Your love for me.
I receive Your tenderness and compassion.
I receive Your grace and Your mercy.
I believe in You and receive all that You have offered me.
I seek you this morning because I love you.
May you, as you hear my prayer, grant me the gift of your felt presence and fill me.

Today I ask that you, God of vision, give me your eyes.
May I see the world and all who inhabit it with loving kindness, goodness, truth and beauty.
May my longings for the world and others, come from a heart that has been rooted deeply in my own belovedness as yours.
May the words of my mouth be filled with wisdom, knowledge, grace, kindness, and truth.
May that actions of my hands be gentle, strong, and tender.
May the spirit within me be full of compassion, generosity, and hope.
Father, I ask that You, grant me these things this day, for Your name’s sake.

I pray too that You, dear Father would renew in me the joy of my salvation. You have rescued me from darkness and You have placed me in the Kingdom of Your Son, a Kingdom of Light and Life!
I confess that I often believe that I remain in the dark.
I confess that too often I am run by the Kingdom of this world, with its selfish ambition.
I confess to you that all too often I am quick to judge.
I confess that I am filled with pride, believing I know what is best and right, always.
I confess that I often desire my own way far more than I desire Yours.

I receive Your grace and step into this day in Your Love that has washed me and Your kindness that has turned me around.
May you be praised.


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