Metaphors and the morning sun

IMG_7643-1Today I began my day with a walk. I had music blaring and started a quick 3mile jaunt. The air was crisp. The sun shone brightly as it played hide and seek, tucking itself behind trees and buildings and then peering out again like a two year old who hasn’t fine tuned the art of hide-and-go-seek, jumping out to say, “here I am” before the seeker has the opportunity to find her. When I’d walk through the places where the shadows were cast for longer periods of time, snow covered the ground. I smiled as I walked.

Soon, I asked Jesus if He had anything to say, I was ready to listen. I kept my ear phones in but turned off the music. There was no word, there was more of a rustling. Like a last minute announcement of a house guest, I really quick like tried to tidy up and silence all the parts of my mind. I stuffed things where ever they found themselves, whether or not it was their home and metaphorically stood still. “I am ready Lord,” again I waited.


I then filled the space. I discussed a dream I had last night about being chased by a man who wanted to kill me. I told Him that I wanted to know what was chasing me in my waking life or what was I avoiding? I waited… maybe a blocks worth of walking and then jumped to the next topic. Like moles in the wack-a-mole game, subjects, faces of people, past hurts, present joys, ideas and more popped in and out of their stuffed places.

Frustrated for my lack of ability to be still I decided to change my tactics. Instead of silencing my mind, I would submit it. Every idea, every person, every dream… as it arose, I would simply say, “I submit this to you Lord Jesus.” The rhythm of my walk changed and the noise in my mind settled from a chattery discourse to a fluid movement.

My eyes were again drawn to the light and then drawn to what looked like glitter poured out over an entire golf course. I looked a few times to see if I was seeing correctly. The green, which at this time of year is actually golden brown, shimmered. Pinks, purples, blues, turquoise and bright shimmering light sparkled across the expanse. What was it? I had never seen, or perhaps more accurately had never paid any mind to the glitter covering the ground in the early morning. It wasn’t the familiar soft glow of the morning dew, it was different. It was as if the dew had come, frozen and was in the process of thawing in the light. It was stunning.

I watched the light as it danced with color across the entirety of the golf course and I smiled.

My walk continued along a busy street. I could see the faces of people driving by. They were a stark contrast to the glimmering light of the morning dew thawing in the sun. People yawn, scowled, looked as if they hadn’t quite woken up, some were yelling, most slouched and many looked as if they were dreading the day ahead. I began to pray over those driving by. My eye caught a flower bed to my left, yellow, green, purple and orange brilliantly showed off their color. Their color was a welcome sight and again turned to the people driving by.

The flowers and the dew shared a beauty and radiance that was captivating. They were full of beauty and caused me to think of their Creator. I thought also of the fact that there was seemingly no effort in their existence. They were exactly what they were, without fight, and by their color and movement they seemed to enjoy it. I thought of the difference between the people driving by and the flowers and dew and wondered what caused one to seem effortless and vibrantly alive and the other, seemingly tired of their labor and lifeless in many ways.

I came to a conclusion along the way. The flowers and dew receive the sun, they do not fight or compare, and they do not seek to earn the approval of any person, for they would shimmer and shine and show off their color, even if no human being noticed. Humans however, we labor, compare, and turn away from the gifts of love and identity being offered to us by Creator God. We often do not receive the son. Instead we seek to earn the approval of others, of God, and end up exhausted from our efforts… tired of trying… and in many ways disappointed with the results. Like me at the beginning of my walk, trying to order every part of my mind to ready it for the Lord, only to realize the invitation was for me to take each thought and give it to Him that I might have room to receive more of Him.

When I arrived home, I was full of life, my posture was taller and my smiler permanently fixed to my face and I could not had told you why. It is only as I have reflected on the 7,000 step journey, that I realized I was being taught through what I saw. And it was then, I realized the Lord has spoken to me… and I had listened with my eyes.

As you read this what hits you? Is there a question or idea that surfaces? Do you receive the love and identity given to you by Creator God through Jesus?

One thought on “Metaphors and the morning sun

  1. I love this Cari. I can identify with trying to sort my thoughts in an effort to hear from God, but the concept of submitting my thoughts and giving them to the Lord making more room for Him to move in me is a much better approach. Thanks for sharing friend.

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