Healing and freedom

I wonder if our idea of healing might be short sighted? Do we think only of the arm being healed of its broken bone, or the cancer removed from the body, or the headache to disappear? I wonder if there is a story to our suffering that goes far beyond the story of our bodies? … Continue reading Healing and freedom


Ribbons and Bows

When I was young we had a record called "The Music Machine." it was one of my very favorites. On the record was a song titled The String Song. And today, that song has been playing through my mind. String Song (excuse the cheesiness and bad recording). Life is full of the, unwanted, I can't bare it … Continue reading Ribbons and Bows

Stepping into relationship, the sea and reserve

Spring came to Altea with temperatures nearing 70 degrees. The warmth blanketed the village and like ants moving towards a picnic, people streamed outside. Children were playing among the rocks which outline the sea, couples were holding hands and laughing as carefree vacationers do, the bikers, runners and aerobic walkers were out in force and … Continue reading Stepping into relationship, the sea and reserve