enjoy -2-3Speakers Bio:
Cari has a love for people and Jesus that shapes her life. As she abides in Jesus, she invites others to root themselves in His way, truth and life.

She speaks in diverse environments where she encourages individuals and groups to walk in the freedom, love, grace and beauty of Jesus as she inspires them to live stories that reflect these truths. Cari invites people into the story of scripture with authenticity and passion, bringing the text alive in ways that deeply speak to the heart of the listener.

Cari is available for speaking and teaching for your church, retreat, conference or event. Please contact for booking.

Cari Speaks on:
Living as a person of blessing, a new form of mission
Loving others
Everyday sacredness
Formation in Jesus

Sample Teaching


UpComing Speaking and Teaching Engagements

Platt Park Church, Women’s Retreat April 21-22


Identity workshop leader training Saturday April 1

Identity workshop March (closed group)

Spiritual Formation for Mission a five week experience, Denver, CO

One thought on “Speaking

  1. I just love Cari and everytime I read what you write I hear your sweet sweet voice. You are one of the most talented people I know…hugs to you…Alicia

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